What is occupational therapy?
"Occupations" are how people spend their time engaging in meaningful, purposeful, and productive activities. Occupational therapists may assist people living with illness, injury, or disability to engage in their daily "occupations" in a more functional, successful, and independent way.

A child's development and daily challenges to their occupational performance are faced outside the walls of a therapy clinic. Why not address those skills in the environment in which the challenges occur? TOTAL POSS-ABILITIES believes each child and family is unique, and therapy can not only occur within the walls of a clinic to obtain the greatest outcome for your child. Together with families, we can develop a plan of care tailored to your families needs. TOTAL POSS-ABILITIES wishes to offer its' children and their families clinic and natural environment based services.
A different approach to your child's care
TOTAL POSS-ABILITIES' services may benefit children living with:
Providing Children and Their Families Supports for Success!
Total Poss-Abilities is sponsoring the
First Annual iCan Shine Bike Camp

iCan Bike is a bike program that teaches individuals with disabilities how to ride a conventional two wheel bicycle and become a lifelong rider. iCan Shine partners with organizations/individuals around the US and Canada to bring a weeklong bike program (iCan Bike) to local communities. Each rider attends a seventy five minute session each day for 5 days, Monday-Friday. By the end of the week approximately 80% of our campers are riding independently. We can find more information about the program at www.icanshine.org


Requirements for Participation:

If you are interested or know of someone that may be, please contact Nikki Williams at 405-607-4440 or nikki1055@gmail.com